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Support & Services

Comprehensive System Integration (CSI)

Our areas of security expertise include Security Infrastructure, Identity and Access Management, Risk Management Intrusion detection, Network Infrastructure and Vulnerability Management. Our portfolio of solutions span the entire technology life cycle including planning and assessments, design and implementation, training and support services.

Electronic Equipment Repair and Calibration

Our expertise in repair and calibrating Microwave Cellular System/VSAT, Electronic Communication Equipment, Network Switches, Routers, Hubs, Access points etc., Lab Measuring Instruments and Equipments, Special Lab Machines and Instruments, and Other Electronic Equipments.


System Support and Maintenance

Maintenance services include critical aspects of planning for post delivery operations, supportability and logistics determination. The maintenance and support service include; corrective, preventive measures as well adaptive and perfective. Maintain and resolve the software systems glitches and problems and keep them functional.

Training and Consultancy

In a world that demands greater shareholder value and new approaches to everything from daily operations to long-term strategy, no company can afford to focus on activities that do not differentiate their business. To do this you need top skills and applied knowledge. We provide technology skills to deliver life cycle solutions and bottom-line results to our clients. Today's complex business challenges require both deep knowledge and cutting-edge technological solutions. We collaborate with leading technology companies which allows us to rapidly deliver an array of solutions for any of our client's business needs.

Embedded & Real Time Control Systems (ERTCS) Design

Embedded and real time control systems, appear in devices ranging from portable digital devices and mobile phones to sophisticated military and space systems. The design of ERTCS involves rigorous application programming in C/C++, Perl, Python and PHP, as well as telecommunications/computer socket and network programming. The hardware aspects involve Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for control systems development and Device driver design and development. Our expertise is mainly in programming aspects.


Case Studies

Case Study 1

Tunnel Point X3

This case study is done on a Malaysian Government Agency which involved five divisions during the first phase. The general request was to install a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect all these divisions.

Case Study 2

System corruption and data server crash solutions

This case study is done on a University based in Selangor. The University provides education in various fields and sectors. It has faculties spread over a large campus in an "attractive and green valley area of 1,096 hectares".

Case Study 3

Data Recovery: Government Agency with critical data in a note book.

Current trends of working and living in a very hyper environment create a situation where work is done anywhere and everywhere. Due to the fast changing situations critical staff are always with their note books and like many users an immense amount of data and information is handled concurrently and no replications is done periodically. The data and information is stored without much thought of system corruption and loss of data. Then what was most dreaded happened, note book crashed!

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