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Szar Solutions 

Szar Solutions provides comprehensive ICT solutions by utilizing industry-leading products and technologies. We customize each solution based on the organization's specific needs and requirements, working with both the ICT, the corporate and management leaders as well as end users. Our bedrock philosophy is based on the principle: open source creates open minds.


Today, networks are an essential part of business, education, and government communications. Szar Solutions networking products are a foundation of these networks, providing organizations with increased productivity, efficiency, better customer satisfaction and a significant competitive advantage supporting critical management an administrative processes.


Szar Solutions partners with major manufacturers and its experienced staff offers you the best solution to fit your needs at competitive prices.


Enterprise Network Service (ENS)

Enterprise Network Management System (ENS) enables network administrators to identify and resolve problems and performance bottlenecks before they disrupt these services. It is essential for maintaining user quality of experience in enterprise-critical applications.


We offer one management system for wired and wireless, voice and data converged network that makes it easy and cost-effective


Enterprise Wireless Services (EWS)

Wireless networks are swiftly evolving from 'nice-to-have' networks to a mission-critical part of the network used to connect laptops, handhelds, phones, sensors, cameras, printers and hundreds of other types of devices. With wireless networks extending their reach throughout the entire enterprise, it becomes essential for the corporate IT staff to have a management solution to centrally monitor and control the WLAN.

Enterprise Threat Management (ETM)

ETM is designed to be a comprehensive protection against all types of threats. Among its features packed in one single box are-mail spam filtering, anti-virus capability, an intrusion detection (or prevention) system (IDS or IPS), and World


Wide Web content filtering, along with the traditional activities of a firewall. It depends on application-layer firewalls that use proxies to process and forward all incoming traffic, though they can still frequently work in a transparent mode that disguises this fact.

Enterprise Messaging Services (EMS)

The Enterprise Messaging Services (EMS) is a standard based solution built on open source which allows customers to developed and integrate distributed applications. It is built on a robust messaging platform which offers varying level of service for message persistence and recovery in memory, files systems, or database backed message persistence.

Enterprise Security Management (ESM)

The enterprise firewall is the cornerstone of an organization's network security architecture, serving as the primary control mechanism between internal corporate assets, partners, customers and the Internet. In addition to protecting their perimeter from external threats, companies are now turning their attention internally to detect unusual behavior and defend against malicious activity. It is appliance based security management system based on Open source software.


We are registered with various government and public agencies as contractors and vendors.

Business Solutions

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